The Sleeping Bride

Oh, woman, why do you slumber?

You lay on blessings as an endless, weathered beach.

Too many heavenly gifts to number,

But your mouth is sealed and shut to teach.

Your sleeping eyes are blind to the day.

In dreams you build mighty castles on sand.

To those who mock, you have nothing to say.

Mounting storm clouds upon the weary land…

Your children cry with thirst and hunger;

Resting tearful cheeks upon your sun-licked breast.

They beg for pure milk that flows no longer.

The latter rains must fall…and no time to rest.

Lift your gold-laden head from its resting place;

The song of love whispers from deep under and high above.

The shooting star etches its bright lightning trace,

And wisdom settles softly as a snowy, white dove.

Oh, woman, why do you tarry and sleep?

The time is nigh to stand tall and loudly sing

The psalm of sweet wandering souls to save and keep.

To be caught up in heaven’s outstretched, merciful wing…

invisible design…

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I looked out from the place within,
And saw myself drifting with the blowing snow.
Of who I was and who I am supposed to be escaped me,
And the icicle froze a piercing within my heart.
It did not hurt, to feel my soul cleaved,
With a soothing, warm breeze the coldness turned to tears.
Not drifting any longer, the seeping into cracks of yesterday,
A memory of silence now dripping a song of tomorrow…
And the place within began to swell like glacier gliding,
Leaving traces and etchings of shadows cutting clean,
The pure white landscape of places frozen in time,
Now released to tell their tales of a heart redeemed.
As the salty tear passes the rosy cheek in haste,
It falls to the sleepy sheet of undisturbed repose,
And makes my blue eyes blink to remember where,
The searching became a midnight stare…
The stirring pushes past flesh so resolved,
To stay simply a sculpture in the Creator’s hand,
And quickens the ghost possessing the machine,
To become part of the sunlight invading the space…
The whispered release of a soul set free,
To push past the pleasure, the pain, and the canvas of life
And find a true home that knows no limit in time,
But kisses the infinite with invisible design…

What If…

kiss from a daughter

What if the kiss from a daughter is a taste of love meant for eternity,

What if the squeeze from a son’s hand while walking together is a sign,

What if the passion between husbands and wives is a sweet shadow,

What if laughter is the tickle of joy from a place we do not know…

grass and flowers

What if the smell from a flower is but a fragrance to remember,

What if the soft grass under our feet is a carpet of expectation,

What if the colors of autumn dressed in reds and oranges is a painting just for us,

What if the waves singing their incessant lullaby is the breath of the infinite…


What if the scientists are right about everything but the Why,

What if the hunger that aches in our soul is a lighthouse to guide,

What if the tears cried in pain are nothing more than reasons to be consoled,

What if the pain of a lost love is the wound that only One can heal…

peaceful place

What if life is simply a prelude to what is to come,

What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning,

What if hope exists to move us forward on a path back home,

What if peace is merely a place of rest that leaves us wanting more…

stars reflecting on water

What if every friendship is an exercise in sharing,

What if every sparkle of the moon reflecting on a lake is a flickering flame,

What if the stars are there to remind us of how great the Creator,

What if every trial in life is to give true perspective…

father and son on beach

What if time is merely an illusion of how small we can be,

What if change is the necessary ingredient to faith,

What if we are created to only be creators,

What if love is the reason for it all?

The Good Place

The Crow

The sweet smelling aroma,

the fire within…

love is warm; His love is fire.

Not burning, but…

filling the vast space,

small as the atom,

deep as her waters,

the stars moving further away.

Oh, it is the good place.

Shackled in chains,

the bonds of mortality:

Why must my body die?

Because nothing goes with it…

Freedom follows the uncovering,

Hope slips into reality,

Death is swallowed up by life.

But now, we uncover our hearts

and taste that it is good…

Oh, it is the good place.

All is overcome by the release, the gift, the mystery of charity:

Not able to be held,

not able to be willed…

But only to be given,

the springs of living water.

Completing the circle,

partaking of the soft breeze

that flows from His kiss,

Passing to the generation of longing…

Oh, it is the good place.

Spirit thirsty, spirit hungered,

how they hope deeply and hidden within.

Sometimes it whispers,

sometimes it cries,

sometimes it screams.

Drink my friends and heal the sores,

release the heavy burdens,

eat of the fruit of forgiveness and mercy.

It was right there the whole time because  He loved us first…

Oh, it is the good place.

Even in darkness,

it is light,

The revelation of the landscape,

recognizing beauty unveiled,

Danger looks the beast it is.

No hiding in shadows that do not exist.

Oh my God, keep the sky clear behind blue…

Always, it is the good place.