“Not Me”

The finger pointing…self annointing

It’s not my fault; it’s the pain, abuse, and salt

On my wounds I allow to bleed freely

Sliced by the growing nails of “not me”.


I roll my eyes and laugh at others’ lies

While I live the same…thinking I’m sane.

We build our own traps without even knowing

Trapped by steel bars whispering “not me”.


You wake up 0ne day and say you will stay

But that was my thought…I think you were bought

Question the why you fake happiness

You pour coffee before a shower and blink “not me”.


I turn on the T.V. and believe what I see,

Walk through my day with nothing to say,

Striving for wealth and love and stuff

Never questioning that lonliness is “not me”


We all run a race that others will trace,

The glory of winning…forgetting beginning

It’s your choice to participate and anticipate

The game that is playing “not me”.


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