Talking to Mountains: First Impressions

Mount Ranier

My family and I just returned from the Pacific Northwest having spent a week there traversing the natural wonders of this beautiful part of the world.  August was a great time to go as the Cascades lifted their skirts of snow ever so much to expose a masterpiece of wildflowers, animal life, and passable roads.  The weather was perfect: high in the low 70’s, lows in the 50’s and in the mountains, a clear azure blue sky.  We live on the Appalachian side of America, and the scale of the mountains in the West just engulf our seemingly “hilly” terrain.  No offense to those who love the Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Adirondacks, etc.; there is a special beauty and uniqueness to each range.  But damn!  When you are driving in the mountains already and mistake a mountain top for a cloud, you know you are looking at grand scale.  We first visited Mount Baker, which my 12 year old son and I hiked on Heliotrope Ridge to the Columbia Glacier; second we drove up to Mount Ranier to Paradise Lodge and beyond; third on the list was exploring Puget Sound, whale watching and island exploring; and finally finishing up our trip at Olympic National Park by visiting Hurricane Ridge, Box Canyon, and  the Hoh Rainforest.  With my 9-year old daughter and 12-year old son in tow, my wife and I kicked this vacation’s butt!  People who don’t have kids cannot understand the challenge of making a vacation “fun”, especially when the anticipation of going sets the bar awfully high.  One has to make all the driving an adventure and not just a time to sleep, complain, and argue.  The fact is: we all had an unbelievable time of bonding and enjoying  God’s canvas.

Good morning sunshine!Hurricane Ridge

Moss Laden in Hoh Rainforest


Wildflowers exposed on Hurricane Ridge

As a Christian, I just marvel at God’s work and He speaks to me with His majesty.  All the arguments of science vs. religion, evolution vs. creation, and man’s place on this earth and for how long, all just disappear when you can feel the absolute energy of the Lord in a place.  As a man of faith, I am inclined and humbly convinced that the answers are intangible and intertwined with each other:  it is both science and spirit, both created and evolved, and man’s place has nothing to do with the measuring of time

God only wants to celebrate the essence of life and it’s processes; He loves it when we are inclined to follow suit.  We are similar to each other in very important ways, us and God; we are created in His image by having spirits that reflect the divine nature.  He is our sun and we are His moon.  It seems so difficult to state the Truth sometimes:  God created the earth for us, not us for the earth. Truth is truth, independent of offense and recognition.  Even if you only in part believe what Scripture says, then we must discover and confront the Author.  Life is so much more profound when viewed as a gift from the One who loves you…

When we truely understand the unconditional love that God has for us, how can we be angry with Him any longer?  I think God is mostly misunderstood and that is a shame.  As we take time to contemplate the beauty around us, we should imagine giving a gift back to  the Creator, the gift of reverence and awe.  Maybe we should entertain the thought that Christ uses our eyes to see what glorifies the Father…maybe He sees with our eyes; and every now and again, we can see through His…

Glacier melt obeying gravity


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