Hearing From God Directly

Every now and again you find something written so perfectly well that you just can’t imagine it being said any better.  As I have grown older, I find myself searching for other Christians’ experiences to compare them to mine and to learn from their perspective of Truth.   All wisdom searched for in the context of grace through Jesus Christ and enlightened by the Holy Spirit is for me inspired writing.  I adore the Scriptures, and they are limitless in their power; however, I enjoy reading modern man’s search for the divine as well.  I also believe that we have some modern day prophets active as we speak and still others…you could be one…that are learning to listen to the Spirit.  Anyway, I ran across this text the other day and wanted to share it with you.  It truly is one of the most inspired works on describing what it is like to be taught by the Holy Spirit.

How Almighty God Speaks Inwardly to Man’s Soul Without Sound of Words

“Speak, Lord, for I, Your servant, am ready to hear You.  I am Your servant:  give me wisdom and understanding to know Your commandments.  Bow my heart to follow Your holy teachings, that they may sink into my soul like dew into the grass.  The children of Israel said to Moses:  Speak to us and we will hear you, but let the Lord not speak to us, lest perhaps we die for dread.  Not so, Lord, not so, I beseech You!  Rather, I ask humbly with Samuel the prophet that you vouchsafe to speak to me Yourself, and I shall gladly hear You.  Do not let Moses or any other of the prophets speak to me, but You Yourself, Lord, the inward inspirer and giver of light to all the prophets.  You alone, without them, can fully inform and instruct me; they, without You, can profit me little.

They speak Your words, but they do not give the spirit to understand the words.  They speak fair, but if You are silent, they do not kindle the heart.  They show forth fair letters, but You interpret the sentence.  They reveal great high mysteries, but You open the true understanding of them.  They declare Your commandments, but You help to their performance.  They show the way, but You give strength to walk in it.  They do all outwardly, but You illuminate and instruct the heart within.  They water only externally, but You give the inward growth.  They cry all in words, but You give to the hearers understanding of the words that are hard.

Do not let Moses speak to me, therefore, but You, my Lord Jesus, who are the everlasting Truth, lest perhaps I die and be made like a man without fruit, warmed from without, but not inflamed within, and so receive the harder judgment, because I have heard Your word and not done it, known it and not loved it, believed it and not fulfilled it.  Speak, therefore, to me Yourself, for I, Your servant, am ready to hear You.  You have the words of eternal life; speak them to me for the full comfort of my soul and give me amendment of all my past life, to Your joy, honor and glory, everlasting.”

-Thomas a Kempis from “The Imitation of Christ”



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