The Athiest That Changed His Mind

This is a link to a Christian website, and is a thorough account of one very important athiest’s turn-around.  I suggest this reading for one reason and one reason only:  people must begin to be able to defend their faith!  The New Testament tells us to be ready to give an explantation for our Faith!  We cannot “stumble around” any longer people!  If any of my readers have children or plan to go to college, then you need to have at least a crash-course in apologetics.  The scientific community looks at us as weak and foolish people.  If we truly love our neighbor as commanded, then we need to be able to present our case to the unbelievers out there…we cannot just say, “It is my faith”…you will be chewed up and spit out by the humanistic philosophy of today’s world.  This is no longer an option or a battle to be fought by others.  This is your world, your time, your country, and your calling!  People have to understand that the Christian is STRONG…there is nothing weak about faith…especially faith in motion.  I am a pretty laid back guy, but I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer!  I cannot just judge people and throw my hands up in disgust…peoples lives are at stake.  God bless you all.


This is a must read, it is a link to Christianity Today…just click below

Former atheist turned Christian through Dawkin’s website continues strong faith in God.


6 thoughts on “The Athiest That Changed His Mind

  1. You are so right: there is nothing weak about real Christian faith in motion. Unfortunately, most of the American church has, for all intents and purposes stripped the power out of the Gospel. People’s lives are at stake and we have been content and complacent in our comfort.

    • I didn’t know you felt that way. I’m telling you, I have just about had it with my local churches! I “float” from church to church…I am not trying to find a “church home” because I feel very earnestly that ALL of the churches are my church! But, I do want to see what is going on and where the emphasis and priorities are within the confines of each church. Let me tell you…there are pockets of sincere and hard-working Christians that serve Christ, but the vast majority of the Christians I observe and talk to are clueless and perfectly melded into society. The fruitful life is missing. Simply believing in Jesus is all it takes to get in “the club” and I do mean “club”…it is nauseating. But I don’t want to rail on the church any longer. I want to do something about it. I’m working on a game plan and the Lord is helping me. It is regretable that most of the time it takes tragedy to bring believers together…but did you know that 16,000 children die from hunger and it’s side effects EVERY DAY! That in 2006, 9.7 million children died before their 5th birthday?! That 1.2 million+ children are trafficed in sexual exploitation every year as “new comers” adding to the 30 million+ children who have completely lost their childhood. People are asleep! If it isn’t in their backyard, then they don’t give a darn! They would prefer to argue over an X-box at Wal-Mart!
      Sorry, but this is just another issue I have seen: children being sent off to college with a wish and a prayer…no scientific training in creationism, no defense of their faith, and an unconcerned family that just says, “Well, we all go through the questioning of our faith”..well, of course, but arm the poor children with Scripture and fundamental science!!!! What are we thinking? And I do mean WE..I have to step up and take the blame, so do you, and so does everyone who proclaims the name of Christ…if we aren’t too embarrassed and worried what our friends will say!!!! Whew! So sorry…God bless you and be strong in Christ. Pray for me, please, I am burdened…

      • I am glad that you are burdened. We should all be so burdened. You are not alone in your zeal for the Gospel. If you take a look at my blog roll you will find others with the same passion for the Gospel. God has called each of us to a different group of people to reach–each blog has a similar theme: the potency of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that there are parts of the Church that are waking up and “stepping up to the plate.” The clarion call has gone out and many are responding.

        You remain in my prayers. God has called you to His Work and He will infuse you with His Strength!

        • I so agree! I can feel the swelling all around me; something is happening…I want all Christians to hear the call to arms (the call to love)…We must continue to trumpet it out and be part of the solution. The Holy Spirit is poised in a very powerful way and I think that we are beginning to maybe understand that the glory days of the church have yet to come! Can you imagine the Power of the first church in Jerusalem, combined with the connectivity of the modern world? It is staggering and humbling and still somehow heart-breaking. But heart-breaking in a hope and yearning kind of way…
          I will continue to visit your website and am always blessed by it! I need to figure out some features of WordPress, I’m not very blog-savy yet.
          Thank you for your prayers and together we lift each other in prayer for God’s glory. Praise our God, Praise our Savior, and Praise the Holy Spirit!

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