My Christmas Prayer

Oh Holy Father, we come before you with thanksgiving and praise!

How awesome is our God!  We enter into Your courts with joyous songs

We lift up our hearts and voices to the One who is faithful and true

Who does not spare His hand of mercy and love and blessings to us

Thank you Holy Father for the most precious and magnificent gift of Your Son Jesus Christ!

Today we celebrate the fulfillment of prophecy, the keeping of a promise, the testament of love:

That God loves man, that His desire is for His children, that His heart is blessed by the voices of men!

Praise to our Prince of Peace, the King of Kings, the Holy Lamb of God!

Oh sweet Jesus, even as our high priest and intercessor, we celebrate You today!  Glorify Your Name!

For Your faithfulness, for Your pure and meek heart, for Your tender mercies,

And most of all, Your glorious sacrifice of Yourself for our salvation!

How great is our God!  That He is mindful of us and paid the ransom that we could not!

Open our eyes, oh Holy Spirit of God, to see with our hearts the works of Your hand,

Shine in our spirits to proclaim wisdom and Truth, and teach us love that has no boundries!

As children of the Living God, we lift our lives up to You as holy and precious gifts, perfected in You.

May Your peace fill us, may Your love keep us, may Your power shine in our lives,

And all for Your Glory, we proclaim our King to the earth, and lift Him high in praise!



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