Ben Breedlove: The Testimony Shaking America

I woke early the day after Christmas, made coffee, and jumped on-line to see what was happening in the world.  I went to check my e-mail on AOL and a story caught my eye.  The headline read something like “Teenager Predicts His Death”.  I was unknowingly led down a path that showed me something remarkable.  If you are not familiar with Ben Breedlove’s story, then you are really missing out.  If you haven’t seen his video and subsequent eulogy given by his sister, then please read no more.  Go to YouTube or God Tube and check it out.  I’ll wait…

So you understand the gravity of my perspective, I have a 21 year old son, a 19 year old son, a 13 year old son, and a 10 year old daughter.  This morning I got an e-mail announcing a “must see” video of Ben’s sister’s eulogy.  I told the two younger children to come over and watch it with me (they are still off from school…I know…long week).  OOPS!  Here I am sitting with my daughter in my lap and my youngest son standing next to me (both have seen Ben’s video), and this testimony begins to unfold.  Holy crap!  I am tearing up in front of the kids….I know, I know, not a big deal really…they have seen me cry in joy a couple of times..but still…We each could not keep the “misty’s” away and I think I did one of those hiccup sounding inhales.  That was embarrassing.  Anyway, I could not believe the power that had upon all of us.  We were basically speechless, and each of us shyly went back to doing our own thing.

When I looked at Ben’s video the day I saw the headline, there had been around 17,000 hits.  At last check this morning (January, 6) the video had close to 6,000,000 hits!  Are you kidding me?  Have we even digested this story yet?  I know I am just now beginning to understand the implications.  When we watched the eulogy this morning, there had been about 7,000 hits…I am going to check the video right now and see what the tally is…hold on…approaching 500,000 now at 6:00pm EST.

Can you imagine the party going on in heaven?!  They must be just rockin’ and dancing and anticipating the ripple-effect this will have on American youth and youth around the world.  I know my children will never be the same.  I called my very busy 21 year old this morning as well.  He hadn’t even heard of Ben Breedlove.  So I told him to check the video and the eulogy out, and he agreed to do so.  After getting off the phone with me, he decided to go ahead and watch the videos…he was waiting for a friend to come over and jump his car off, as the battery had died.  He made an error in judgment as well, because upon completion of the eulogy video, his friend arrived!  Of course he was balling like the softy he is, so he quickly found his sunglasses.  He called me later to give me a hard time about it, but we both agreed that this testimony of Ben’s would change a whole generation.

With all the books these days about heaven, people going and coming back from heaven, children getting glimpses of the divine…it makes you wonder.  I read 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper and was the better for it.  I will post a commentary on this book sometime this winter, but suffice it to say…my Holy Spirit BS detector was on high because I’m always on the lookout for traps (nature of the beast…I guess) and quickly realized that brother Don is no fool.  There is a special place in heaven reserved for my man Don.  I highly recommend this book, by the way.  Anyway, no matter how powerful these books on heaven are…Ben had three visions or visits or whatever you want to call it.  And he had to be led by the Spirit to record his message the way that he did…no one is that clever…right?  Even the song “Mad World” by Tears for Fears is extremely fitting.  When we can’t find the words or are scared to frame what is in our heart, sometimes it is better to go for the sublime and simple.  Just seeing that child’s face tells a story of complete peace…a peace that is sadly missing from multitudes of lives.

I have only seen his sister’s testimony and her sharing the private conversations with her beloved brother.  But there seem to be a lot of other speakers at the funeral, but I think I will just stick with the testimony of Ben and his sister…because it just can’t get any better than that.  When she shared Ben’s explanation of why he retreated to the dock that overlooks the lake…I was just floored.  How can someone so young understand the deep peace without it being shown to him?  What a tremendous gift to Ben, and what a tremendous gift to the world.

This whole story is a wondrous gift from the Almighty Himself…a powerful move by the Holy Spirit, a way to kick 2012 off on the right foot.  I am one of those folks out there that really believes in a Great Revival.  Despite ourselves, the Spirit of God is quickening and anointing people all over the place!  Maybe my perspective is skewed because I am so desperately in love with God, but regardless of my perspective…I have learned over the years that my life echoes sentiment…maybe everyone’s life is like that, I don’t know…all I know is that I seem to have a sensitivity, if you will, to the harbinger of change.  It brings to mind the statement that Christ made to His disciples that we would do greater things than Him…I still chuckle over the weight of this seemingly impossible statement.  But He said it, not me…and no matter how you spin it, twist it, and no matter how you slice it…it is superbly plain and simple.  Jesus, while He was here on earth, touched thousands.  Ben Breedlove’s story is reaching MILLIONS…Oh how awesome is our God?!

In a world seemingly out of control and headed for uncertain times, Jehovah reminds us that He keeps His word.  The entire Bible is coming alive in our generation.  God’s letter to man is proving to be more relevant to unbelievers every single day.  The barriers being broken down right now in our time are unprecedented.  Atheists finally recanting, small Spirit-filled assemblies are popping up everywhere, wisdom is one click or TV channel away…to avoid controversy, I won’t mention the preachers and teachers by name, but understanding what “the body of Christ” and “His bride” means in today’s world requires that one embrace diversity (as long as it is Scriptural and you have your Holy Spirit BS detector on!).  I for one feel very empowered:  empowered by the Spirit, empowered by new light being shown into and coming alive in the Scriptures, empowered by Christian music, empowered by a welling-up in the church community, empowered by Ben Breedlove, empowered by the unbelievable faith my children possess, empowered by a love that burns so sweetly.  Praise our God!

Let’s make 2012 count.  Let’s start a fire!  Let’s pray for the gifts of the Spirit that Jesus promises us.  Let’s step up and claim the victory that eagerly awaits us.  Let’s be the children of light, marked by love and power from on high.  I can feel the rumblings, the earth is beginning to shake, hold on my friends and make sure you fully participate in this revival that is sending heaven into a frenzy of praise!  Tomorrow looks pretty darn good…I can feel His joy right now…we can begin to live forever now!


5 thoughts on “Ben Breedlove: The Testimony Shaking America

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I watched what I could find from Ben’s recordings and his sister’s eulogy. I would like to offer a different take on what I saw and felt. I realize that my view might not be popular, but I state it respectfully and cautiously.

    I have heard Ben’s story before, presented in various ways, but with a common thread. Most notable and unsettling is this description of people seeing a bright ‘light’. In other stories I’ve heard, people who saw this light had not necessarily accepted Jesus. I do not know if this applies to Ben and will not make any assumptions. His sister’s eulogy only mentions they were a church-going family who prayed.

    However, I would like to point out that on one of Ben’s flash cards he asks if people believe in “God or Angels?”. There is no mention of Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I can’t help but think of all the people I’ve come across in my journey who believe in angels, but have no idea who Jesus is or what He did for us on Calvary’s cross.

    The reason for my caution is simple. A faceless, ambiguous ‘light’ COULD be none other than Satan himself (angel of light). Consider that presenting people with a light in their near-death experiences makes them feel as though when they pass they will have a choice to either step into the light or be fooled by darkness.

    This would be a horrid scheme by the enemy, to pervert the essence of free will. Pretending to give people a choice when they die, as opposed to while they are living. It gives people a false sense of hope that even if they avoid Jesus while walking this earth, somehow things will still turn out okay. Just step into the light.

    While watching Ben’s videos I noticed the comment threads were somewhat polarizing – very few mentioned Jesus while the majority gravitated toward God in an abstract way. There was one comment in particular that jumped out at me:

    “I went through a similar experience when I was 15. The light was incredible and I absolutely did not want to come back. I don’t call it god or angels, I like to think it is just part of the universe we live in and we are part of that universe. I got tears in my eyes when I saw Ben’s video.”

    That seems to sum up what people are left with when they hear about a near-death experience with the ‘light’. Complete ambiguity. I sincerely pray that Ben knew and verbally professed Jesus as his savior (Romans 10:9). Only the Lord truly knows. And I understand that God can choose to reveal himself to anyone and in any way he chooses.

    Please allow me to end with the following – no matter what the enemy tries to do, Jesus finds a way to use a situation for His glory! Despite the fact that we are not told as to whether Ben accepted Jesus in his life, I do believe Ben’s sister did an AMAZING job including Jesus in this testimony – bringing the focus to Him. And that’s what makes me smile.

    • What I think is important here is this: people, and especially younger people are very wary of evangelicals. Sometimes it is better to go “through the back door”. I too noticed that there was no mention of Jesus…but if Ben had mentioned Jesus, there would NEVER have been 7 million views! You see where I am going here? Just another “Jesus freak” would have been the public opinion and refrain! So, through a round-a-bout way, Ben touched so many more lives than if he would have professed his ACTUAL faith right off the bat…The testimony and eulogy of his sister took speculation and turned it into a blessing. It totally caught everyone by surprise! But what a wonderful surprise…and she did mention their faith…who other than a Chritian family would be sitting around talking about a verrse in Philipians mentioning a “peace that surpasses all understanding”? Don’t you see the absolute genius of the design? If he had started with a purely Christian perspective, he would have lost, in my opinion, at least 80-90% of the audience. The sisters testimony coupled with the video made as much an impact as I could ever imagine. And of course, Ben is a Christian…it would be impossible for him not to be…he just got a glimpse of how ridiculously unbelievable God’s majesty actually is…remember that the purpose of Christ was to reconcile us back to the Father. When Jesus taught us how to pray, it doesn’t point to Jesus or His glory…it addressed the Father and His kingdom, power, and glory. Jesus glorified the Father and taught us to do the same…I hope that clears up your question.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and may God continue to bless you!

  2. “Let’s make 2012 count. Let’s start a fire! Let’s pray for the gifts of the Spirit that Jesus promises us. Let’s step up and claim the victory that eagerly awaits us. Let’s be the children of light, marked by love and power from on high. I can feel the rumblings, the earth is beginning to shake, hold on my friends and make sure you fully participate in this revival that is sending heaven into a frenzy of praise! Tomorrow looks pretty darn good…I can feel His joy right now…we can begin to live forever now!”
    amen! I can feel it too, this year is gonna be different. If you don’t mind, I’m quoting this paragraph in my inspirational journal. 🙂

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