In the Shadow of the Mountain

In the Shadow of the Mountain

Chaos tied fraility into a bow

Fire shapes the strongest things we know

Lonliness pushed the unwilling into love

And wretchedness of self made us look above

Religion cinched us a burden too heavy to bear

Failure destroyed our willingness to care

Pride slipped unannounced into our simple selves

And put spiritual vials onto dusty shelves

Numbness puts judgement into a shell

Indifference erases our stories to tell

Cold shoulders painted by summer’s burn

If we gladly ignore, we will never learn

Son shine chases away the mountain shadow

But the dust in the corner continues to grow

We clean in a fury to cover our own mess

And the sin of slothfulness, we have to confess

“Wake Up” says the part we pardon and ignore

The persistent old scar grows into a sore

Maybe it’s too late to ponder and pray

Our own house and bed, we’re forced to stay

Time and energy of me woven into a quilt

Still happy I’m here… except for the guilt

So I’ll open my small window once again

 And I’ll wait for my light with anticipation…

Fork in the Road


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