Perspective Is A Beautiful Thing

One of my favorite fellow bloggers. She really pours her heart out in this post, and this message needs to be heard and serve as a reminder of just how unfathomably beautiful the gospel really is! People give thier lives for the message of Christ every day; how do we in America measure up? Don’t feel guilty, get motivated!


3 thoughts on “Perspective Is A Beautiful Thing

  1. I am so glad I waited until Sunday morning to read this…the stories of what Christians around the world  suffer and endure  makes me hang my head in shame!!!! My woes are so freaking piddly!!!! But this message has inspired me  to forget things of this  world and focus only on my relationship with him ….I have been pretty much of a slacker in this department lately!!!!  I remember at my sister’s funeral, her pasto r told this  about  her…she belonged to a singing group at the church, about 15-20 singers…when the group would start to lag and sound more like they were singing a dirge than rejoycing, France s would get up, begin to clap her hands and dance up and down the aisle  singing, “Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My Body Down”…he said it was such an inpiration to the group to see and hear her sing, not as Johnny Cash sang the song, but turn it into a message of joy! Sure sorry I missed seeing and hearing  her do this. How I would love to have the nerve to do the same …of course I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but I am sure He wouldn’t mind.

    Shelby, I failed to send the above  message before leaving for church and it is unfinished…meant to work on it after church…didn’t even make my point. 

    Need extra prayers this week…more of my piddly problems…I know He is with me and at least once today I experienced His light shining on me …struggling to bring my ship out of dry dock… Thx and I apprciate you!

    • You know, I want you to know that I am not one of those people who says, “I’ll pray for you” as I pat you on the back. I do and will pray for all my brothers and sisters as often as I hit my knees…sometimes I feel there is so much work to be done on one’s kness that they ought to invent “knee shoes”!
      I love you dearly and make sure you scrub the under-hull while in dry dock!

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