The Choice of Always Have, Always Will

Light is a place,

a wonderful place with no pain

or death

or even tears.

How wonderfully sweet,

an abode of promise,

our spirits know well.

But free will is our absolute judge,

and the gift of it is duality.

So we live by choices…

with only one holding the key.

To want the new place…and to cherish the present…

In hope by a decision;

we make it in silence,

where only love can be heard…

the whisper, the Word, that turns choice into faith.

The real voice can be heard.

oh, foolish man,

do not try to hear with your ears!

Do not listen to angels now;

hear the First Voice first…

Then the Paraclete with a host,

will bless spirit and soul…

And the promise remains,

your soul shall never be thirsty,

living waters will flow from your heart,

wisdom as power will make you a friend of God,

and the Messiah will call you brothers and sisters.

Escape the grey of an ever-clouding day,

and know black and white…that is all…

understanding the gift of free will.

You can choose to know the heavenly places,

to know the breath of el-Shaddai as the Shekinah,

the love that heals and is the true light.

If you can hear, then listen my friend…

we will love Him,

when He kisses our hearts

with the message, “I loved you first,

I always have, and I always will,

and I will never leave you or give up on you…

my precious chldren.”

All other utterance a lie,

grey in the spokes of free will…

To Him who is able to do far above everything

we can think or imagine,

To Him we give praise–by choice.


4 thoughts on “The Choice of Always Have, Always Will

    • Time with God is the most precious of things on this earth; I am pleased you seek Him so earnestly. As far as the poem goes, it is only a tiny glimpse of the love that awaits an eager and searching soul that chooses to the know the One that already knows us.

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