The Tree of Light

Many people have visions. I have been one of the (un)lucky ones that has received visions and continue to do so based on how closely I am walking with the Spirit. The unlucky part is that visions are communication, and part of Christian communication is sharing. The rub is that half the people think you are somehow special and the other half think you are losing your proverbial “marbles”! To be fair, there are churches that exist where divine dreams and visions are accepted and actually embraced; the flip-side to this coin is that in the same churches, people are tempted to somehow “muster-up” a vision or dream and lose the intrinsic other-person voice of the Spirit. Authenticity is the key here, and moderation in any gift is the biblical approach to supernatural issues. Lest we fall into carnality after starting in the spirit, we must be sober and walking in the rhythm of the Spirit as individuals to discern which is true and which is simply an emotional reaction to fleshly pressures.

So all that to say: you might believe what I have to share or you might not. It makes no difference to me, for it is out of my control to begin with. That is the most important part of visions and dreams and “a word” (prophetic revelation), mainly, that we realize God works through us and not by us.

What is the difference?

The difference is that you are a conduit and not a source for wisdom. God can use you, Bob, Bubba, or Barbara. You simply cannot take credit for divine revelation or dispensation of knowledge; it would be like a faucet taking credit for water. Without water, the faucet is absolutely useless…unless of course you own a Kohler, fancy faucet and it can serve as an aesthetic addition to your bathroom…but again, without water, the faucet wouldn’t even exist. So are revelations from the Spirit; you are merely the hardware and if you think for a second that you are somehow involved in the actual content of divine communication then you are most assuredly on very thin ice and subject to serious discipline (See Hebrews 12). This is where the enemy gets most men of faith, with pride. Sad but true, many are victims of their own selves getting in the way of God; this is a very sophisticated and subtle attack by the enemy (I won’t mention that liar by name).

God wants us to be bold and free and fearless! But, the caviat is that we never think too highly of ourselves in this regard. Paul warns us that one should not consider themselves wise, and James tells us to humble ourselves before God and He will lift us up. These facts coupled with the warning that “not many of you become teachers” because of the accountability required, makes any Christian hesitant to even walk the precarious road of divine revelation and ultimate responsibility for edification. So with all of this taken into consideration, I humbly want to share a vision with you and let the chips fall where they may.

This vision was one of my first, but I never shared it with anyone. The reason for not sharing it is quite simple: it was too confusing to put into words. Like many spiritual matters, words simply limit the expression, words imprison meaning, and words at best only land a glancing blow at Truth. This vision is best expressed by the Spirit Himself. I will attempt to describe it with words, but understand it is above words. I will also show you an artist’s best attempt at expressing the vision, but also understand the vision cannot be trapped on a piece of paper! I pray that the truth of this be revealed to you as you meditate on it (if you choose to do so) and ask the Author of it what it means to you personally. For me, the vision gave me something to work toward, something to grasp mentally to keep focused, and something that serves as a mile-marker on my path of discovery.

Verbal Description:

There is a hill, and on the top of the hill is a man. The man is dead. He is lying on his back and his chest is open, exposing his heart. Out of his heart comes this light. This light is a new person that looks just like the dead person, but is constructed of energy rather than substance. This new person of light has his arms stretched outward and upward like the branches of a tree. Under the branches rest all of the cares of the world: doubt, worry, fear, etc. All of life rests under the branches of the new tree of light. As the mind’s eye pans outward, I could see others who had died and been “born again” as people of light. We all twisted and turned and became one larger forest of light. As the mind’s eye pans even further away, I see that all the people of light form the “body” of Christ. As you look upward, you can see the form of the Lord, but you cannot see His face or features of any type. All you can see is the form of “one like the Son of Man”.

Artistic Description:
Tree of Light

The Meaning of the Vision:

Understand here that my understanding is not necessarily your understanding; there is no correct or incorrect way of interpreting the vision. But, for me, I have some strong implications that I want to share.

First of all, we must be born again as Jesus teaches Nicodemus in the third chapter of John. We must die to self daily, take up our cross daily, and be that grain of wheat that falls to the ground and dies so that it may live. The new person is built out of the sacrifice of the person of flesh.
Secondly, all of life comes under the canopy of the Kingdom. If we focus on the spiritual person, then all that would interfere with our relationship with the Lord of Hosts rests under His kingdom and are therefore subject to Him. When we are awakened and born of the Spirit, life changes…drastically!
Finally, we must join together as “born again” creatures of light so that Christ may be magnified and lifted up. If we can ultimately pull that off, then the promise of “I will draw all people to Me” will be fulfilled. As part of the “body” of Christ, it is our challenge to first put to death the lusts and pains of the flesh, and secondly to join together in one new man called the bride of Christ. One day soon, this will all come to fruition and we will finally begin to drink from the latter day rains! Amen?

A special note: I want to thank Ms. Sarah McDaniel for putting this vision into a visual media. Sarah, you did an unbelievable and amazing job capturing the essence of the vision. Again, thank you!


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