Why I Love Jesus

When I tell people that I love Jesus, I’m sure that they think I am just saying this to promote a cause. In one way that is true; in another way it is completely false. With all the folks that gather with me in fellowship, with all my readers of this blog, and with all the ones that know me through ministry, they can feel my love for Christ. But it still falls short of what I mean from my heart when I say that I love Jesus. Let me give you a short testimony of why I love Jesus.
When my dreams were crushed, Jesus was there to give me a new dream;
When my mom died, Jesus was there to weep with me;
When my dad died, Jesus was there to be pissed off with me;
When I had ruined all that He gave me, Jesus was there to spur me on;
When I had given up on myself, Jesus was the only cheerleader left.
When I turned my back on Jesus, He never turned from me;
When I gave up on me and committed to destroy myself, He was there;
When all was lost, Jesus kept whispering that He loved me;
When I told Him to leave me alone, He graciously disappeared…
He let me dive deep into self-pity, He let me cry myself to sleep;
He didn’t interrupt my pity-party, but only sat patiently in the shadows.
He never pushed me, made me feel guilty, or condemned me;
He waited for me to come to the end of my pride and never accused me;
He wept when I wept and jumped at the opportunity to heal me.
The gentleman of all gentlemen, He suffered with me without reproach.
He never pushed me or prodded me or accused me or made light of me;
He just waited for me like a friend, like a man, like a father…
The day I turned to Him, He didn’t say, “I told you so”;
The moment He broke my heart, He didn’t revel in His brilliance;
The life He changed, He never took credit for…
He just was there, He just opened His arms and let me cry a while.
I love Jesus because He loved me first;
I love Jesus because He never put me down;
I love Jesus because He knows me well enough to know my weakness;
And He never held it over my head…
When people ask me why I love Jesus,
I can only look them in the eyes and say in all honesty,
“I love Him because He is my best friend”.
How can a man express a love that cannot be measured?
How can you explain to another that no matter what, Jesus is still there?
How can you define a love that endures all the ugliness and still prevails?
His love cannot be measured, cannot be exhausted, and cannot be quenched.
How can one not love Christ; love the One that breathed him into being?
How can a man not fall at the feet of the One that lays His life down for them?
How can I not love Jesus?
Maybe I am lucky to see Him through the canvas of life’s pain;
Maybe I am blessed to notice the Man that holds my lonely hand;
Maybe I am chosen to see the brilliance of His everlasting love;
And if so…how everlasting is my love for this Man?
When people ask me why I love Jesus, I can hardly contain my passion;
When hurting people come to me, all I want to do is introduce them to Him;
When someone says, “No one understands my pain”, I just whisper a prayer,
And pray that they too will know my Jesus…for all of life fades at His kiss.
No words can convey a life lived in His compassion;
No heart can beat to a rhythm that He cannot dance to;
No person is lonely and dark enough to escape His loving call;
And no one is too far away to hear His passionate cry.
I love Jesus because He is all that love was meant to be;
I love Jesus because He saved my life that I thought wasn’t worth saving;
I love Jesus because He calls me His own.
How honored am I!
How blessed is His name!
How precious is His countenance!
I love Jesus because I have no choice but to love Him.
He is my all, He is my heart, He is my soul, and He is all that I ever want to be.
And out of that love for Him, I am compelled to share that ridiculous love…
With all that hear my voice, written, spoken, inferred, or assumed…
So when you see me walking on the street, writing on my blog, teaching my Bible classes, or just being me…remember that nothing happens in my life without the echo of His love reverberating through all that I am. When I die and am put into the ground, I want all to know that I am a man that loves Jesus…forever and ever and ever…to Him be the glory, if only for a moment in me, to Him be the glory.


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