The Sleeping Bride

Oh, woman, why do you slumber?

You lay on blessings as an endless, weathered beach.

Too many heavenly gifts to number,

But your mouth is sealed and shut to teach.

Your sleeping eyes are blind to the day.

In dreams you build mighty castles on sand.

To those who mock, you have nothing to say.

Mounting storm clouds upon the weary land…

Your children cry with thirst and hunger;

Resting tearful cheeks upon your sun-licked breast.

They beg for pure milk that flows no longer.

The latter rains must fall…and no time to rest.

Lift your gold-laden head from its resting place;

The song of love whispers from deep under and high above.

The shooting star etches its bright lightning trace,

And wisdom settles softly as a snowy, white dove.

Oh, woman, why do you tarry and sleep?

The time is nigh to stand tall and loudly sing

The psalm of sweet wandering souls to save and keep.

To be caught up in heaven’s outstretched, merciful wing…


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