Heaven at Pickett Lake

Today the sky is a sapphire.

I wish words could not imprison meaning…

Because to even describe the blue today,

would be an injustice to what I see.

Pickett Lake hides far from the careless wanderer,

and I know why: it is a protected place.

a sacred place for those who know by whispers…

Truly, I have never seen such placid and calm water:

The shallows are crystal clear,

and the depths are emerald green…

Water such as this is only seen in peaceful dreams

I have no clue as to why or how it has this mystical color…

But today I will savor it…like I live here.

I often speculate what heaven will be like…

however, wonder has turned to a divine glimpse.

If I could loose the bonds of flesh,

surely I would soar above the trees…





through the blades of grass,

between the dogwoods,

into the emerald reflection,

hover one inch above the water

and slink upon its surface,

sometimes looking ahead at the glass before me,

and sometimes flipping on my back,

looking up into an eternal sky…

and letting the cool lake stroke my back.

I would stand with arms outstretched,

and fall confidently off the bluff,

and just before impacting the water…

I would pull up and do a loop

then dive head first into the depths.

Then I would sit at the bottom of the lake,

not needing to come up for air.

Yes, I would lie on my back underwater,

put my hands behind my head and recline on a bed of pond grass

and gaze at the ripples I created above me.

Then I would streak through the lake at the speed of light,

right into the soil of the bank,

enter the roots of a spruce

and spray out of the twigs through every needle…

I would take a ride on the wind–

swirling and flowing around and between

all of God’s creation.

Cooling in the shade, then warming in the sun.

All this I could do,

and here at Pickett Lake I could stay for a while.

Then I hear the voice of my King say,

“Oh, sweet man of mine!

there is an eternity

and an infinity

of places like this, yet gloriously different…

And when you have explored a million,

there will be a million more!

And then we will create new things,

new trees, new lakes, new creatures, new pleasures,

new friends, new flowers, new sunsets…

Here!  Paint this sunrise…

use as many hues as you like,

and we can create new colors!”

In all this, we give praise to the Almighty…

Sing His praises…yes, with new songs!

For all things have passed away and…

Behold! All things have become new.

But Pickett Lake will always dance in my soul’s memory and that’s where it will eternally live.


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