The Theology of Trust

Most of us at one time or another have asked the big question in life:  Does God exist and if He does exist, does He really care about my life?  When a person stands on the edge of the ocean and contemplates the vastness of it, it makes them feel small.  As a person stands on a busy corner of a large city and watches the droves of people passing to and fro, doesn’t that person feel insignificant?  I know I have and do quite often.  As you stare up into the night sky and contemplate just how unbelievably expansive the universe is, don’t you think about how impossible it seems that if there were a God that He would be mindful of such a speck of matter such as the earth?  I mean with all the planets and unexplored galaxies, why this tiny planet?  And to compound the conundrum, why such a tiny person on such a tiny planet?  It seems overwhelming at times to convince ourselves that such smallness warrants even a glance from the Creator.  This, I believe is the primary meaning of what it means to fear God.  To fear that somehow we are insignificant and but a passing nanosecond in the thoughts of such a powerful and limitless God.  Who do we think we are anyway?  The bigness of Him and the smallness of us is what has plagued the ancients since the beginning of recorded time.  You would have to be completely oblivious to not have pondered these questions and examined your existence in this light.  How does it make you feel?

Before I knew what I now know, I tried to view myself from the eyes of a mighty God (assuming He existed).  I tried to think from His perspective and had sympathy for myself and the human race as a whole.  Why would God even give us a moment of His created time?  We seem to be a failed experiment, don’t you think?  We have historically destroyed each other, destroyed our surroundings, and some of us have worked pretty hard at destroying ourselves personally.  We wander around the planet like nameless ants, marching back and forth.  In our pursuit of importance, we have built structures, societies, civilizations, and a system of theories to place ourselves in a category.  Futilistic isn’t it?  Science and discovery have been our obsession from the very beginning, well, right after survival at least!  What is it about the nature of man that makes him crave meaning?  I don’t think animals sit around pondering why they are here or where they are going.  But we just have to figure it out; we just intrinsically know that there is more to life than just food, water, and shelter.  It is a madness if you get lost in the progression.  Science has shown that the universe is expanding at an ever quickening pace to somewhere, into the infinite, into the distance which has no boundary.  Space is so unattainable in our feeble minds; we can’t understand how it expands and where it is going or where it originated.  But we sit here on our planet we call earth and look outward into its inky eternity and try to measure it, observe it, and make some sense of it all.  And that’s not the only playground of the impossible.

As we progress in our understanding of the substance that we are constructed from, we have discovered molecules and compounds, then atoms, then protons and neutrons, and recently quarks and other sub-atomic particles.  Now we even hear of the Higgs boson being described as the “God Particle” like proving its existence will get us closer to really understanding how it all works!  Scientists will reluctantly admit that they haven’t the slightest clue as to what even gravity actually is or where it comes from.  Even the study of the electron is impossible to wrap your brain around.  Did you know that the electron speeds around the nucleus so fast that it can’t be measured?  Scientists call it the electron cloud, for the electron is in all places at the same time around the nucleus, so it can’t be “frozen” long enough to be observed!  So just as the universe is eternally outward, the world we can’t see is eternally inward, ever-increasing in its smallness!  Have you ever studied the mathematical phenomenon of some exponential equationsBasically, it goes something like this:  the graph shown has one end of a line going in one direction growing eternally greater to a point of immeasurability…it keeps on growing, but not only that, the line going the other direction gets closer and closer to zero the further it is graphed…but it never reaches zero.  1/2 to 1/4 to 1/16 to 1/32 to 1/64 to 1/128 and on and on it goes growing ever closer to zero, but never ever getting there! Never.

The Bible tells us that the wisdom of man is foolishness to God.  That, in a nutshell, proves God to me!  The more we learn, the more we realize that we don’t know diddly-squat!  I mean, you will hear people talk about how far we have come scientifically in our understanding, but think about it for a second.  Haven’t we figured out that we are bragging about getting closer to an edge that keeps moving further away from us?  Aren’t we humble enough to realize that we are simply getting closer to zero, but will never, ever arrive at that point?  The more you try to get to the destination, the more you have to understand that it is quite unattainable.  That would be like the graph saying to itself that eventually it will arrive at zero, or that a flashlight beam of light that originates from earth thinks to itself that it will eventually reach the border of the universe.  How absurd!  We pursue things that we have already proven to be unattainable!  Ah, but we have to keep moving.  Don’t we?  We will eventually understand God, right?  Or we will eventually be able to explain ourselves away…right?

What do we gain from our pursuits?  If we are looking for answers, definitive answers, then we have to know that day will never come.  The only answer to the questions is that there isn’t one.  God created all this for us to ponder His greatness…not our greatness.  God placed such incredible beauty into His handiwork that we should be in awe…that is the point!  Every time we try to reduce even creation (let alone God) into a scientific theory, we are simply describing shadows on a wall with absolutely no clue as to the true nature of that which casts the shadow.  It is designed that way not to confound us but rather to glorify our God.  He wants us to appreciate Him and recognize Him for His awesomeness.  We stand under and in His creation saying to Him, “My God, You are worthy to be praised!”  And to even imagine that the God of all creation would come down to us in our weakness and pride and lay Himself down for us is mind-blowing!  One cannot fathom God’s love intellectually, one cannot explain or theorize about His nature with any success, all we can do is give Him our respect, our adoration and love, and gladly accept His gifts to us.  I still don’t understand how God can love me, but He tells us that we are His supreme desire…that He yearns for us.  Are you kidding me?

The only way I know that God exists is that He has reached down to me and I took His hand.  The only way to know God’s love is to experience that love.  Anyone can know Him if they just choose to answer His plea and follow the directions of simply seeking Him with all your heart.  It is not complicated.  When God touches you and loves on you, you don’t need to prove His existence to yourself or anyone else or satiate a need to “figure Him out”…You just know that you know because He took the time to show Himself to you.  You are just overjoyed to know that He cares.  The only nature of God that I want to know more of is His love, and that is exactly how He created us:  with a yearning for Him.  You see, if science was about glorifying God, it would be an adventure of blessed discovery!  Nothing can ever fill the eternally vast space in each person’s heart except that which is eternally vast.  We all have a God-shaped hole in our souls, and He longs to be recognized as the solution to what ails us.  The fact that Jesus Christ walked our tiny planet to reconcile us back to our Father is an expression of eternal love…a love that cannot be measured, but can be tasted; a love that knows no boundary, but can rest in our hearts; a love that surpasses all understanding, but can be our eternal home.  How awesome is our God!  We should all just sit still for a minute and calm our minds, take a deep breath, and just bask in Him, in His light and love, in His fiery passion for our hearts.  Then peace just rolls through you and you just know that everything is going to be just fine because you can put your trust in the One that says, “Put your trust in Me, I will take care of you”…

This is the Theology of Trust.

Thank you Lord; we trust in you.


5 thoughts on “The Theology of Trust

  1. Wow. That was a beautiful post. My favorite lines of it were these: ” The more we learn, the more we realize that we don’t know diddly-squat!”, and ” The only way I know that God exists is that He has reached down to me and I took His hand.  The only way to know God’s love is to experience that love.” Thank you for this amazing post!

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