The Signature

If you have the faith of a mustard seed,

you can move mountains…

The seed lacks nothing but awareness

but it is so small, you overlook it’s potential.

You find the hidden part of you

that only needs to be discovered

under layers of monotony pounding

your spirit with sugar-coated distraction.

That little seed has everything inside to become

the grandest of trees where love abides,

reaching to the limitless sky it grows

into God’s signature of infinity.

It moves life without pretense, force, or pride;

She is what she is by the nature of peace

Needing nothing but the simple trinity

of tilled ground, water, and sunlight.

Faith is a gift, not something to be earned

you just have to ask with a knocking belief

that the Guide will answer the door

and show you the mysteries of…

what was there all the time.

You’ll laugh out loud as you get the joy

of a simple truth so powerful it seems

that closing your eyes makes you see true

the beauty of God’s perfection in you.


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