I Quit…Exactly!

As I gaze at the magnificence of the Almighty,

I see only you because He sees only you.

As I lose my life before Him, He says,

Love My people.

But who are your people, Lord?

All that you see before you are My people…your people

I am not worthy to love like you love, My Lord

But He says, if you cannot love like I love, then all is lost.

So I stay still

I think upon the ones that cross my path

I ponder their pain, their joy, their struggles

My heart groans

Oh God! I cannot live with eyes wide open to see

He says, I cannot live without your eyes wide open

It hurts

Yes, it hurts

But it heals

To see with love means taking in the pain, the joy, the worry, the person

I cannot bear it My Lord

Yes you can

But what about the abused, the abandoned, the lonely?

I heal them through your eyes

My eyes are tainted and blind

No, your eyes are My eyes

I cannot

No, you cannot, but I have

Have what?

I have seen all that needs to be seen,

I have suffered all that can be suffered,

But Lord, I haven’t…

Yes my sweet child, you have

No I haven’t

Look into My eyes, look deep into My love, live in Me

It is unbearable My Lord

No, it is bearable

It is your calling

It is too painful

There is no pain like My pain

It hurts

Yes, it hurts

But it also heals

How does healing come from pain?

Pain is where the world stops and I begin

So where do I stop and start?

You stop with you and start with Me

I don’t understand

Yes, you do

No, I don’t

When the pain of others eclipses your own,

You have started

When the healing begins with others,

You are healed

This is difficult

My child, stop thinking and start trusting

Trust in what?

Trust in Me

But I can’t see You

You don’t have to see Me to trust Me

I’m lost and I don’t understand

Yes, you are lost but you do understand

I quit



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