The Missing Piece

His mind sees the puzzle of the whole,

How the pieces fit to together,

In a symphony that never ends,

But he is lost for the one piece still missing.

The picture begins to take perfect shape,

But never complete without that one last piece,

He searches high and low and everywhere,

But he can only see that which is without.

Will the day ever come when he realizes

That the final piece resides somewhere else?

He looks everywhere and asks others,

Nowhere is the land where the piece resides.

He wants to sit and study the beauty of the picture,

But restlessness won’t let him find peace,

In frustration, he begins to walk to nowhere,

Finally sitting by the stream, he begins to cry.

The quiet of the lonely is deafening,

The wind tickles the tops of trees,

The stream gurgles its strange melody,

And the man lives in the dream of searching.

Finally resolved to quit the quest of the final piece,

He leans over the water to drink,

And in a moment he will never forget,

He sees the missing piece looking back at him.


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