What If…

kiss from a daughter

What if the kiss from a daughter is a taste of love meant for eternity,

What if the squeeze from a son’s hand while walking together is a sign,

What if the passion between husbands and wives is a sweet shadow,

What if laughter is the tickle of joy from a place we do not know…

grass and flowers

What if the smell from a flower is but a fragrance to remember,

What if the soft grass under our feet is a carpet of expectation,

What if the colors of autumn dressed in reds and oranges is a painting just for us,

What if the waves singing their incessant lullaby is the breath of the infinite…


What if the scientists are right about everything but the Why,

What if the hunger that aches in our soul is a lighthouse to guide,

What if the tears cried in pain are nothing more than reasons to be consoled,

What if the pain of a lost love is the wound that only One can heal…

peaceful place

What if life is simply a prelude to what is to come,

What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning,

What if hope exists to move us forward on a path back home,

What if peace is merely a place of rest that leaves us wanting more…

stars reflecting on water

What if every friendship is an exercise in sharing,

What if every sparkle of the moon reflecting on a lake is a flickering flame,

What if the stars are there to remind us of how great the Creator,

What if every trial in life is to give true perspective…

father and son on beach

What if time is merely an illusion of how small we can be,

What if change is the necessary ingredient to faith,

What if we are created to only be creators,

What if love is the reason for it all?


3 thoughts on “What If…

  1. This is wonderful. And yes, love is the reason for it all! Just as we take a spouse, have children, create a family, So too our creator made us to be His children – – his family – – his treasures. It’s all for love! We are all siblings and like with any family, some of us get along and some of us don’t 😀

    Great post

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