Father Shake This Place…


O my soul, why do you faint within me?

O foolish heart, why do you melt in my chest?

The saint trapped in this body of corruptible seed,

I know I would lose hope without the Promise.

I pray all the day long for your Hand to be outstretched,

I am haunted in the night watch by the enemy,

When my eyes are open they see only You,

When my eyes are closed they see only darkness.

O Father shake this place…

My enemies of doubt and fear have surrounded me,

The curse of time has haunted me,

Why must I be tossed in the tempest of the sea?

Why must I walk in the desert of loneliness?

The walk of faith as a man is the persecuted road,

The child with his childish thoughts is now passed,

But I long to be a child again at the kingdom’s gate,

The wonder of Your creation sparkling in my eyes.

O Father shake this place…


I stand firm as the siege continues to press me on all sides,

I lift the banner of Christ however weary my arms,

The refiner’s fire is the enemy’s playground,

But faith will prevail when all dross is consumed in the flame.

Like the sunrise, Your healing chases away the darkness,

Like the living water that quenches the thirsty soul,

You Father will give strength to my bones

And heal the brokenness that is my only offering.

O Father shake this place…

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So I wait in prayer for the Spirit’s breath of new life,

I look only to You O Holy One of Israel,

Renew me and make me to shine in your glory,

Lift my head as I stand on the Rock of my salvation.

Remember me Father in my time of need,

Bend me to your will but don’t break my spirit,

Let me stand in your presence and be transformed,

And give me rest in your perfect peace.

For all that can be shaken will be shaken,

This man is shaken by the wind of Your voice,

Build out of my emptiness all of Your fullness, O God

And I wait upon you alone Lord to restore my soul.

So I praise you Father with my hands lifted up,

My lips testify to the greatness of our King and Savior,

I lift my life up to you as a sacrifice,

Burn me up with your unfailing love!

O Father shake this place…


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