The Leper’s Prayer


Oh precious Father in heaven,

how great are Your mercies toward us!

Who are we that you care so much for us?

  Only You care for our life that we ourselves had lost.

  You have heard our crying out and reached out to us in Your perfect love.

  Oh Savior, our King, praise be the Name above all names that walked with us,

talked with us, and put His holy arms around us!

You and You alone have made it possible for us to receive life.

  The payment You made for us is beyond our understanding,

but we receive it with arms wide open.

We embrace You and cry out for joy at your compassion.

Praise be to the Holy Spirit, praise to the Power that heals us!

The hand of the Almighty God,

He has given us freedom from bondage.

  I offer myself to You as a leper, full of death;

but You embrace me as a child of Light!

  Your mysteries are far above me and I am humbled by Your favor.

Heal me, Lord.

I know you are willing;

perfect my willingness to receive your act of love

as a wonder from the heights of heaven itself.

  Praise God for His goodness,

and let me shout for joy as a prisoner to death no more.

For Your name’s sake, I will confess Your salvation

and remember to thank You the rest of my days.

  In the name of the Christ and for His sake,

Amen.  And Amen.



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