invisible design…

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I looked out from the place within,
And saw myself drifting with the blowing snow.
Of who I was and who I am supposed to be escaped me,
And the icicle froze a piercing within my heart.
It did not hurt, to feel my soul cleaved,
With a soothing, warm breeze the coldness turned to tears.
Not drifting any longer, the seeping into cracks of yesterday,
A memory of silence now dripping a song of tomorrow…
And the place within began to swell like glacier gliding,
Leaving traces and etchings of shadows cutting clean,
The pure white landscape of places frozen in time,
Now released to tell their tales of a heart redeemed.
As the salty tear passes the rosy cheek in haste,
It falls to the sleepy sheet of undisturbed repose,
And makes my blue eyes blink to remember where,
The searching became a midnight stare…
The stirring pushes past flesh so resolved,
To stay simply a sculpture in the Creator’s hand,
And quickens the ghost possessing the machine,
To become part of the sunlight invading the space…
The whispered release of a soul set free,
To push past the pleasure, the pain, and the canvas of life
And find a true home that knows no limit in time,
But kisses the infinite with invisible design…


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