The Good Place

The Crow

The sweet smelling aroma,

the fire within…

love is warm; His love is fire.

Not burning, but…

filling the vast space,

small as the atom,

deep as her waters,

the stars moving further away.

Oh, it is the good place.

Shackled in chains,

the bonds of mortality:

Why must my body die?

Because nothing goes with it…

Freedom follows the uncovering,

Hope slips into reality,

Death is swallowed up by life.

But now, we uncover our hearts

and taste that it is good…

Oh, it is the good place.

All is overcome by the release, the gift, the mystery of charity:

Not able to be held,

not able to be willed…

But only to be given,

the springs of living water.

Completing the circle,

partaking of the soft breeze

that flows from His kiss,

Passing to the generation of longing…

Oh, it is the good place.

Spirit thirsty, spirit hungered,

how they hope deeply and hidden within.

Sometimes it whispers,

sometimes it cries,

sometimes it screams.

Drink my friends and heal the sores,

release the heavy burdens,

eat of the fruit of forgiveness and mercy.

It was right there the whole time because  He loved us first…

Oh, it is the good place.

Even in darkness,

it is light,

The revelation of the landscape,

recognizing beauty unveiled,

Danger looks the beast it is.

No hiding in shadows that do not exist.

Oh my God, keep the sky clear behind blue…

Always, it is the good place.



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