Consumed by Fire: A Vision

holy spirit fire4


Please Note: This vision was recorded years ago, but I felt it was important to re-publish it. The content is actually more important now than when it was written. Enjoy and let it edify you and your commitment to personal revival.
I walked into the prayer and worship meeting 30 minutes late. I took a seat as the worship team lifted up the song “Pray for Rain”. The song was melodic and hypnotic, and I sat with my eyes closed simply letting the song work its way from my ears and mind into my heart. The man seated behind me began to sing along, and I could hear the emotion in his voice and could sense that his tears were soaking the words as he begged the Lord for revival. After a long, hard day at work, I was not exactly in the right frame of mind yet and my back was protesting the way in which I had abused it that Friday. I had spoken to my brother in Christ earlier that evening and confessed that I was too tired to make the 30 minute drive to the 7pm to midnight prayer vigil, and for that very reason had decided to come. When I am too tired is the perfect excuse to participate. It didn’t take long for the Spirit to wash away a challenging week and I found myself in inward silence. I tried to force myself to pray but the words just would not come, so I just became passive in my spirit. After a while, the words still would not come, but the Spirit gave me utterance in a language I have yet to understand, so I let the Spirit take over and let it flow.

I had come tonight to bathe an endeavor in prayer, and that endeavor is a revival a friend and I are trying to plan. This undertaking of a city-wide revival is daunting to say the least and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that under my own power and even with some help, that without the Lord leading and making a way, that the revival would never even get off the ground. I need God; I need Him so much that sometimes I just fall backward into His grace and admit that I am completely powerless. He is a good God, for He always catches me and comforts me in a way that can only be described as tender. I knew I needed to lift this up to Him in a very serious manner and in my own intellect was completely incapable of forming a wise and strategically sound game-plan to execute a city-wide revival. Who am I to make such large plans? God always reminds me that it is never about me, but always about Him, for Him, and by Him; hence, the need to lift it up to Him.
It wasn’t long before the Spirit began to clarify that it is not so much the event that needed to be lifted up, but rather me that needed to be lifted up! “But this isn’t about me, Lord”, I mumbled under my breath. He answered me in a most lovely manner. I began to lift away from myself, I became detached from “self”, and I felt I would simply faint from lightheadedness. Then the vision came.

I am suspended in the air, my head is back, my arms stretched out at my sides with palms up, and my legs are bent back like someone who has just jumped with all their might. Now I am speeding through the air; I can’t tell whether the world is falling away from me or whether I am speeding past the world. The air is rushing so quickly past me that my body begins to heat up. My skin begins to melt as I burst into flame; I am being consumed by fire.fiery for god Once the flesh has fallen away from my body in a contrail of smoke, I see myself as a spirit of flame; there is still a distinct, human shape, but I am now a man of fire with the flames tapering off behind me. Then the Lord asks me, “Are you willing to be consumed by My fire…Are you willing to leave all for Me?” I began to think of my family, I began to think of my friends, I began to count the cost of really, really going “all-in”. I became anxious and sad and wondering what would happen to all my earthly wants, needs and desires. But after contemplating the price, I answered, “Yes, Lord…anything for You.”

At the moment I answered “Yes”, a peace filled me and a love that makes a man’s knees shake overtook me like a limp body tossed in the ocean. I knew I had made the right decision. As I am watching my now enflamed body flying through the air at an incredible speed, I noticed I was alone. In this vision, I was looking around for others, but there was no one else. Then the Spirit spoke: “Don’t worry about others…this is our decision, just between you and Me.” When I realized the individual nature of the question and the reality of the decision, I thought about why. I was here to pray for revival, I was here for others, and I was here to lift my city up in prayer. It seemed somewhat selfish to be focused on myself, but that is where the Spirit took me. All alone, just me and His mighty hand. God was asking me for a personal commitment; He wasn’t allowing anyone else in the picture.

Now I see that I am flying through the atmosphere and approaching the ground. The earth is dark except for the occasional flicker of a street light or a lit window. I approach the ground at breakneck speed and crash into the ground.fiery streak of light Now I am seeing myself at a distance, like viewing a meteor flashing for a moment in the sky, then landing with a great impact, and finally bursting into flame and a cloud of smoke. Now I see what can only be described as a meteor shower; people like me, as flaming meteors, are crashing off in the distance near and far. The rhythm of the impacts is picking up pace and now I am beginning to understand. I turn behind me to the East and see a great, red, glowing cloud. My heart leaps in joy as I sense a great wall of fire approaching. Like looking at a mountain top whose other side is aflame in a wildfire. It was simply glowing and I could sense the awesomeness of it and the finality of it as well. The great cloud of fire is coming.


I came to my senses almost 2 hours later. I had been praying in tongues for close to 2 hours, but it had seemed like only a moment in time. But I was exhausted and decided to make my way home. As I stood up to leave and try to make sense of this vision, I was accosted by a few friends and gave some hugs and handshakes. It wasn’t until the drive home that the gravity of the vision began to make sense.

God wants to bless us with a revival to eclipse all revivals, but that revival will not start with a body of believers or a church or an institution; that final, great revival starts with individuals answering the call to forsake all for Him. I had intended on praying for my city and the Lord flipped the focus onto my personal commitment to His calling. The Lord is looking for people to step up and heed His personal call on their lives. If you need to look around for help or for support or for a group, then you are not ready! I must confess that I am guilty of this; I want to step up and heed His call, but I am always looking for others to join me. This notion makes sense, and in fact, is quite biblical! But alas, when the Spirit speaks, I can’t argue and point out to Him what He wrote. For the words that He writes on the tablets of a man’s heart are just as powerful and profoundly more personal than the recorded words found in the sacred texts. On that drive home, He reminded me that if I make that personal commitment in faith, not needing anyone else but Him and Him alone, that He would provide the others…not the other way around! Oh my God! You are so amazing…

My little church in Knoxville is getting quite shaken up these days; people are beginning to sense that something is coming. We can feel the earth shaking all around us. I was led to share this vision with the congregation this past Sunday. After hearing the prophetic vision, several people spoke wisdom and interpretation into it…I love this process! One of my brothers said he saw this as a picure of re-entry, like something returning back to earth that is heated up in the re-entry process as it hurls through the atmosphere. He said it was a call to re-engage in passionate ministry and to fully commit. My pastor spoke of the immediacy of the call, the clear statement of personal decisions for God, and he pointed to the clear evidence of a world in desperate need of a Spirit-empowered Church. Now, after God speaking grace and wisdom into the vision, after praying over this revelation, and after receiving input from dependable Christian leaders, here is the message for you:

The time of fulfillment is coming; like the cloud of fire on the eastern horizon, it is approaching. Revival is coming, and God is calling out people to begin the great outpouring of His Spirit. It will start with a fire here and a fire there, like the meteor shower in the vision. It will not start out as a sweeping movement; it will start in your hometown or your home congregation, but it will spread quickly for the land is dry! If you are in the “wait and see” mode, you will be left out of the primary and most potent part of this symphony. The approaching cloud of fire is judgment, and the meteor shower of revival is the “last call” for humankind. Your part in this is totally up to you: you can either heed His call and get totally committed, or you can partake of the revival after it is started. The question posed to me was whether I was willing to give it all; I answered “yes and amen”. I challenge all who read this to take this matter up in prayer and implore the Lord to give direction as to how and where He wants to use you. I cannot tell everyone to “sell-out” to the Lord; that is not my place or the purpose of this record. The purpose of this recorded vision is to reveal what will take place shortly and to let those who read it understand that the time of waiting is over. Get your house in order and be sure to have your heart right with the Lord. Maybe this vision was just for me; maybe this vision is for you as well…

After an amazing Sunday night service that was simply overflowing with the presence and power of the Spirit and as I sat with my Bible in my hands, my hands parted and the Book opened to a scripture found in 2 Chronicles 16. My mouth dropped as I read verse 9. I had never read this verse before, I had never heard it preached on before, and I was stunned at the acute effect it had on me. 2 Chronicles 16:9 (NASB) says:

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

This is a momentous time in the history of humankind; can you feel it? Are you in tune with the Holy Spirit and dancing to His rhythm? If you are, then you would already know that something is afoot. I exhort you to seek His face more earnestly than ever and to discover His clarion call for your life in the immediate future. When all is said and done, we all desire to hear our Savior utter the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”
Be blessed, be sober, and be brave. May the peace of the Lord rest upon you,


One thought on “Consumed by Fire: A Vision

  1. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for writing this and for sharing your vision and other stories. I just came across this blog yesterday and am floored at how much your words and visions are relating to me and what I believe the lord is calling me to do right now.

    Years ago I was called my my guides and angels to become a healer and it hasn’t been until recently that it’s now all making sense and clicking! There is certainly something coming, and people like me can feel it. I pray that the lord guides me in the right direction as well.

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