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Born in 1968 in Los Angeles California, I guess most would call me a city slicker; however, I have spent most of my life in the beautiful state of Tennessee.  I now reside in Knoxville Tennessee, and have a loving family with four awesome children.  I grew up in Los Angeles and my parents were involved in a great move of the Holy Spirit in the mid-seventies.  They were not Christians initially; they did not grow up in Christian homes.  They were definitely seekers.  I remember growing up in L.A. and going to some very strange “churches” and temples.  When my younger brother was born, he was a “bubble baby” because of severe asthma.  My parents, at the time of my brother’s hospitalization both worked at a hair salon.  One day a gentleman named Hamid walked up to my mother while she was outside smoking a cigarette and said, “God wants to heal your son”.  This freaked her out because she did not know this man or ever seen him before.  Three days later, both my parents were outside taking a smoke break and Hamid approached them again and stated the same message.  The hospital was not but a block or two from the salon, so they thought what the heck!  When they arrived, Hamid anointed the plastic tent with oil and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, be healed”.  My brother came home to his family two days later!  That is how my family was converted to Christianity.  We were part of the Charismatic movement and actually lived for a couple of years in a commune…that is so hippy!

My life has been one of very dark times.  My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died less than a month after diagnosis.  This happened when I was 30 years old.  At the time, I was very deep into my relationship with the Lord and was for sure I could heal her…I failed to do so.  Shortly after that, my father died of cancer.  I was more than angry with God; I did not want to serve a God that would allow this type of sorrow and pain.  After I turned from God, my life went to hell.  I became an alcoholic, a drug addict, and a selfish wreck.  This lasted for over a decade.  I lost my family, my business, my dignity, and my freedom.  I almost died in a car wreck that was influenced by my lifestyle; I was ejected from my vehicle at 75 miles per hour on the interstate as I flipped my car.  I landed head-first into an embankment of stone.  I was flown by helicopter to save my life.  Even after all of this, I wanted to quit drinking and drugging but could not despite my best efforts.  Imprisonment followed and in that deep, dark existence my God came down to me and told me that He loved me.  That part of my testimony is captured in the letter entitled “Big Boys Don’t Cry”.

After attending a rehab which was part of my release progam, I started going to AA and NA meetings and found a fellowship that helped change my life.  Once I finally gave my life back to the Lord 100% with no reservations, He restored my life.  I am now reunited with my family, my business is back and thriving, but best of all I enjoy a peace that surpasses all understanding.  My life is on fire for my Lord Jesus; I am a joyful and purposeful man now.  I have been enjoying a sacred romance with my Lord for over 6 years now, and it has been a heck of a ride!  I took a year off from my career (my wife still gives me a hard time for this) and did nothing but saturate myself in the Bible, read countless Christian books, prayed non-stop, and made meditation a way of life.  Although I am back to working, I continue to read books like I don’t have a tomorrow, my Bible is like food to me, my prayer life is the most important tool and private time I have, and I am involved in many forms of ministry.  My life is awesome!  I want people to know that the Christian spiritual life is not the boring affair that I thought it would be; it is a roller coaster ride to say the least.  Our God is not only creative, but He has a majestic sense of humor as well!  Without sounding disrespectful…God is a cool, funny, loving, and an amazing personality.  I hope you know Him and desire to know Him more…

I started writing poetry when I was young and won many awards and I continued to write poetry and prose into my adult life.  I stopped writing when my life went to hell.  Once my life was restored, I began to write once more, but this time I had a reason to write:  to share with all who would listen about God’s incredible and beautiful love for humankind.  My recent writing started as letters to inmates as part of a prison ministry, and more recently the writings have gone full-tilt Holy Spirit!  The Lord has been breathing His truth and love into me for whatever reason and I just have to write…I cannot resist it.  I hope that what I have to offer brings you hope, faith, and most of all…love!

I want all who read these offerings to understand something:  God can take a wreck of a life or just an ordinary person and make them extraordinary.  God loves to take the weak things of the world and lift them up to confound the wise!  It is just the way He rolls…so whoever you are, let this serve as an invitation to an extraordinary life.  Believe me, if He can do it for me, He will surely do it for anyone who desires to know Him!  God made the ultimate sacrifice of Himself to demonstrate how much YOU mean to Him…who wouldn’t want a relationship with such a loving and wonderous God?


12 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. The more I read the more I am amazed in the similarities of our lives. I too was raised in the Los Angeles area and both my parents died of cancer. Continuously amazes me, God does!

    • I’m so pleased that you are being blessed! That’s the whole point…right? Some of our stories speak to many; sometimes they speak to few; but as long as someone out there knows that I “get it”, it will make them feel in good company!

    • There are almost 200 posts on my blog here. But if you want to read my testimony, in chronological order, then the first part of my book I’m editing called “A Life Unplugged” is available. You can Google “disciplegideon, a life unplugged: introduction” and it will pop up. From the introduction, at the bottom of each chapter, you will find a place to click to go to the next subsequent chapter. Sorry, blogs are tough to make indexing easy. I am blessed that you are visiting my blog. May the Lord bless you richly!

  2. Wow, what an incredible testimony to the unfailing and redeeming love of our Savior, Jesus Christ! God Bless you, and may He keep pouring through you and your writing!!

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