Blessed and Broken

Prayer and Meditation of a Brother

Before the multitude could be fed, Jesus had to bless the offering and break it; then, and only then, could the offering be distributed by the disciples.  Note:  Jesus did not go around feeding the 5000; he rather, depended on his disciples to impart the offering.   He first did what He needed to do, and then he commanded His disciples to carry out the delivery of the offering.  If we were one of the people being fed, would we thank the bread for being bread?  The fish for being fish?  Would we thank the disciples for bringing the bread and fish?  Or would we be astute enough to know who to thank?  If we are disciples, we should know from where the bread and fish come from.  As we feed the multitude as disciples, we should be amazed and glorifying God for his appropriation.  Christ blessed the offering by thanking the Father, but the offering cannot be spread without the breaking.  The bread of life is Christ Himself, and He was broken for us.  If we are truly disciples, then we should be humbled by the mere fact that we are in charge of distributing a broken Christ.  What an awesome commission!

Scripture always amazes me, in that it has so many layered meanings, and there is so much to glean from its Truth.  Are we not blessed and broken also?  We must take up our cross daily.  Are we broken today?  If we are not, then we cannot fulfill the commission.  We may be blessed, but until we are broken for His sake; then the feeding of the people God loves cannot happen.  I used to think that Christ breaks us once and for all, and then begins to work in our lives, but I was wrong.  It is a process.  Each time I am broken for Him, it hurts!  It is not pleasant in the flesh or in the soul, but it is a sweet smelling aroma to the Father.  Our unwillingness to be broken can hinder His work.  Are we willing to be broken today?  Do we think that pride, for instance, is removed once-and-for-all?  No way!  We are all living proof that that is not the case!  Do we pretend that we do not have pride as an obstacle every day?  Self is pride.  We must give it to God every day; we cannot function properly without the sacrifice of self and the brokenness that is required!

Because we are the hands and feet and instrument of our Savior, we must be yielded completely.  To be yielded completely, requires Faith.  How do we increase our Faith?  One of my favorite verses:

“Does he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him?  I think not.  So likewise you, when you have done all those things which are commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants.  We have done what was our duty to do’”.  Luke 17:9-10.

This was Christ’s response to His apostles’ request to “Increase our faith” vs. 5.  Do we really want our Faith to be increased, or do we just wish it were so?  The ultimate sacrifice of brokenness (a worthy and awesome sacrifice!) is realizing it is our duty to follow His commands.  Not my will Lord, but Yours and Yours alone.  We must remember:  “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  Phillipians 1:21;  there is no way possible for us to self-create enough faith to offer ourselves up in this way.  But, through Christ’s blessing us, He provides the conduit for true brokenness for His name’s sake.  We cannot do it; it is against our nature.  Praise the Lord for His awesome power!  We live in Christ, we are blessed, we must be broken, and we must find that brokenness in the light of God’s grace.  Now we can gladly do His work of love!

May our heavenly Father, through His work in His Son, and His Son’s work through us be glorified.  May we yield ourselves in love that is our duty to Him.  For we praise the name of the Lord, and lift Him up for all to see.  Let His light shine through us as we lay ourselves down as He laid Himself down.  We are joyful to be the servant and slave of the almighty God.  Amen.