Commenting as a Christian on a Non-Christian Blog

I love to cruise around on the “tag surfer” provided by WordPress and read other people’s blogs.  Every now and again, you run across some real gems!  How many times have we been reading a post and just wanted to scream out loud through the electronic universe, but instead of commenting, we whimper away with our thoughts.  I mean really, the comment would either be in the “How could you be so stupid” category or the “God forgive them, for they know not what they speak” category!  Of course, sometimes I will confront the author with mixed results.  I would love to tell you that the spiritual part of me prompts my comments, but alas, that would be a stretch at best.  I have found all of my fellow blogger friends by “tag surfing” as well; and so my comments are spiritually prompted in those cases.  I could not list the number of awesome, inspired, heart-wrenching testaments and testimonies I have read over the last year on WordPress.  So God bless the folk writing inspirational, positive, life-changing material; and the others…well.

I just read a blog last night…and it was about a young lady who was sure that she felt the Holy Spirit move at a Lady Gaga concert.  I know, it sounds shocking…and it was…but not as bad as I thought.  I left a comment and it was actually quite nice and complimentary!  But then this morning I ran across a blog titled:  “TEN TIPS ON HOW TO GUARANTEE THE LOVE OF ALLAH”

Maybe I hadn’t had enough coffee yet or maybe it is because I’m on my third day of not smoking or a toxic combination of the two; but it just hit me wrong…or right, depending on your perspective.  Let me prelude this by saying that I left a pretty tongue-in-cheek comment a couple of days ago on an Islamic blog.  It was an article about how to break addiction by getting addicted to Allah.  It just so happened that I had the same day, posted my own article on addiction and my past battles and the God-centered solution.  So I commented at the end of the Islamic blog, “Can you help me…I’m addicted to Christ…His Holy Ghost follows me around all day long and I can’t stop Him from blessing me.  I feel I can’t bear it much longer.  Do you have any suggestions?”  I know, it was ill-advised…but I just couldn’t help myself!  God forgive me for my arrogance!  Once I pressed the “enter” key, I instantly regretted it.  What a jack-waggon I am.

So this morning I decided that there was no way I was going to read the TEN TIPS article above.  I didn’t want the temptation of commenting…But it did get me thinking.   Wouldn’t it just suck, I mean wouldn’t it be just horrifying, to have to try to gain the love of a god?  Oh, how blessed we are that God has provided the sacrifice for us!  Believe this:  There is nothing you can do to make God love you more, and there is nothing you can do to make God love you less!  But sometimes we as Christians act like we are religious folk, trying to please God and to gain “brownie points” to earn His love or His blessing.  How ridiculously sad!  God has provided all that we could ever want and need and all we have to do is come to the door in belief and hear Jesus knocking on our door.  By believing, it brings us to that very door…and by opening the door to Him, He gives us faith.  A free gift!  We sometimes want to make it more difficult than that, but honestly that is a mistake.  People say, “I believe _______” and think they have it all figured out.  But as Christians, we are called to KNOW.  You will very rarely hear me write, “I believe________”; more likely you will hear, “What the Word has revealed” or “What the Holy Spirit has put in my heart”.  This is the language of the spirit and can only be understood by the ones who recognize Truth.  The words are mere shadows of the real truth, but we through the power of the Holy Spirit can see past the words.  God uses words, because we are human; but His real revelations are behind the words and written on our hearts.  The Spirit is a power, an essence with personality, a 7th sense if you will.  Everyone has a God-created spirit that is eternal; and that part of every human being can be grown and partly understood…that is the 6th sense.  The 7th sense is the Holy Spirit…He is not your spirit!!!!   He speaks to your spirit through the conduit of Christ’s sacrifice.  People and especially Christians need to understand that it is the spirit and soul of another that is at stake in this life, and to deny that others have spiritual insight is to be, quite honestly, ignorant.  We all have spirits and souls; just because Jesus made you and I aware of the existence of a spiritual life, doesn’t mean we are in an exclusive “spiritual” club!  When the Holy Spirit comes and takes up residence with you (all you have to do is seek, ask, and knock), your spirit, in a very real and practical way, “spends time with God”.  Through this power of being in God’s Presence, you learn the ropes and rules and constraints of the kingdom of God.  It is a life-long (and maybe longer) process of growing nearer and nearer to the One who loves us.  Because it is a free gift, we haven’t earned it.  So why do we act like we have to earn it?  In some ways, to experience all that God has promised to us, we need to help Him (yes, help Him) by speaking to the mountains in our lives.  Some Christians think that God is so powerful that He can intervene in any situation miraculously, but He asks us to take on a pivotal roll and has empowered us to do so.  God will not break His own laws:  the law of love, the law of gravity, the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of nature, the laws of faith, etc…He made all these laws for our own benefit and He entered His rest…”He saw that it was good”…We can’t ask God to break His own laws….So…we learn to “free” ourselves inwardly, open the eyes of our heart, and drink  from “living water” by seeking and operating in His kingdom first.  And He clearly states over and over and over again that He will reward those that diligently seek Him!  So we seek, and we share, and we edify each other in love, and we strive for more of Him and less of ourselves.

So there are no 10 ways to please Jehovah…there is only one way to please Him…to walk in the spirit by faith.  If we can’t get past the one and only step, then Christianity would simply be a different form of religious slavery!  We can choose to be religious and be tossed into the generic bin with all other religions, or we can choose to seek freedom through a Spirit-led, Christ ordained, spiritual life in God’s kingdom.  If we begin to taste the sweetness of His presence and can hear His Voice, then we will have no desire to argue about religion.  Because, let’s face it, how can you argue with words what cannot be expressed?  How can you describe in the natural, what is supernatural by design?  Did you ever notice that Jesus could never tell even His disciples what the kingdom of God actually was?  He always presented it as: “the kingdom of God is LIKE”…He also said to them that if they couldn’t understand the kingdom in earthly words and imagery, then how could they understand heavenly words?  Thank the Lord for His Holy Spirit!  The only flesh or “natural” thing we can point to as Christians is the testimony of Christ Jesus and the testimony of our own transformed lives.  We are not called the “lights in the world” to cast confusing shadows over the Truth; we are to shed life-giving light through love to the world and to each other!  We must give of ourselves in love, even if we want to throw chairs!  Sometimes the best way to advance the kingdom is through subtlety or “flying under the radar” of judgment.  If you really do love your neighbor, would you want to “turn them off” by being judgmental?  What if their soul hangs in the balance of how you react to them and their perspective…a pretty big responsibility!  So I must be a little more considerate I think when I engage another person who is of a different background.  I must do the best I can and operate in Christ-like love to reach out to someone who doesn’t really want me reaching out to them to begin with.

God bless you all,